Within the framework of signed Memorandum between the Youth Union of Uzbekistan and "Hi China", joint activities have begun.

           In January, 2019, from the Chinese side, a group of students, as well as professors and doctoral students as observers, arrived to the event.

           The main purpose of such meetings is to strengthen ties between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic of China, exchange experience, establish friendly contacts, with the further launch of the joint project "Young Leader X" in the field of education and innovation.

        In this regard, as a result of the distribution of Chinese delegation, 2 representatives were allocated to the Scientific and Practical Center. It is worth to note that conversation was very fruitful, they informed guests about activities of the Center, the goals and future plans of the laboratories being developed, the planned holding of the International Week of Innovative Ideas "INNOWEEK -2019", also discussed the economic events of Uzbekistan, in particular, the guests were interested to learn about the situation with small and medium-sized enterprises, i.e. under what conditions commercialization of projects takes place. Along with this, they discussed the issue of launching a joint student exchange program, opening a summer camp, teaching robotics in China with a further return to the Republic of Uzbekistan.

          At the end of conversation, the Chinese representatives kindly shared a list of Chinese companies to be attracted to participate in the week of innovative ideas “INNOWEEK-2019”.

           At the end of conversation, Deputy Director of the Center A. Sobirkhonov accompanied the guests to the University of Turin. It should be noted that on this friendly note the employees of the Center exchanged contacts, shared recommendations for cultural recreation in Uzbekistan, leaving our guests in a positive mood.