On September 2 this year, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and Cornell University presented the 13th edition, dedicated to the theme “Who will finance innovation?”. The Global Innovation Index (GII) 2020 focuses on a long-standing issue for both business and political circles: how to stimulate innovative entrepreneurship and social, cultural and economic development. Today, amid a global economic shock that exacerbates the damage of the pandemic, GII 2020 will also address the urgent need for new methods of financing innovation in the post-coronavirus world.

      GII 2020 uses 80 parameters to assess the innovation potential and achievements of 131 countries and territories around the world. So, what dynamics is observed in the innovation activity of countries this year?

      First of all, re-inclusion of Uzbekistan in the Global Innovation Index after a long break is one of the main and important changes for us. This can be seen as a result of the reforms being carried out in the country, in particular, the policy of transparency and openness, as well as positive changes in the innovation sphere.

       It is known that the last time the Republic of Uzbekistan ranked 122nd out of more than 140 countries in this international rating in 2015. In 2020, Uzbekistan ranked 93rd among 131 countries.

      In the Global Innovation Index ranking, which consists of 80 indicators in 2020, Uzbekistan achieved positive results in such indicators as Institutions, Human capital & research, Infrastructure, results of the knowledge and technology economy (Knowledge & technology outputs) and Effectiveness of creative work (Creative outputs).

       In this regard, we present the results achieved in 2020 by the leading countries in the Global Innovation Index, neighboring countries and some other economies. Switzerland - 1st place, Russia - 47th place, Kazakhstan - 77th place, Kyrgyzstan - 94th place, Tajikistan - 109th place.

     It is known that one of the main tasks arising from the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No.PF-5544 "On the Strategy of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2019-2021" is the country's entry into the top 50 countries in the Global Innovation Index by 2030.

         “In 2020, Uzbekistan returned to the Global Innovation Index,” said Minister of Innovative Development Ibrohim Abdurakhmonov. - This is a positive result of the ongoing reforms in the new Uzbekistan. 93rd place is the result of the current focus on science and resources for innovative development. Investment in science in recent years, the formation of a regulatory framework and, most importantly, the conditions created for scientists, and freedom of creativity have determined our place in the Global Innovation Index. This can be seen as a step towards attracting large investments in science and innovation in the future.

       In recent years, the Ministry of Innovative Development, in close cooperation with relevant government agencies and departments, has carried out significant work to increase the prestige of Uzbekistan in the international arena and ensure its inclusion in the Global Innovation Index. In particular,

       - Through a series of meetings and negotiations with the founders of the Global Innovation Index and more than 15 international organizations, problems have been studied that prevent Uzbekistan from being included in the rating.

       - As a result of the above cooperation, a list of unrepresented and outdated information was formed to include Uzbekistan in the rating of the Global Innovation Index and the issues of providing information in accordance with established international requirements were resolved.

        - To include Uzbekistan in the Global Innovation Index and systematically solve existing problems, many official meetings were held with local and international organizations. In particular, on October 29-31, 2019, within the framework of the Week of innovative ideas "InnoWeek.uz 2019", a round table was held on the topic "Improving the position of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the Global Innovation Index" with the participation of the leadership of the World Intellectual Property Organization, representatives of Elsevier and other foreign organizations.

The Global Innovation Index consists of 18 international indices, 5 World Economic Forum polls and quantitative statistics on 57 indicators (there are changes this year). Taking into account the fact that in 2015 the country took 4th place out of 141 countries in terms of insufficient data and outdated statistics, the inclusion of Uzbekistan in this rating in 2020 will also serve to increase its prestige in the international arena.

       Positive changes in innovation in our country are regularly recognized by international organizations. In particular, this year's Global Innovation Index, indicating changes in the innovation activity of our country, notes that the results of continuous and systemic reforms in recent years have served to include Uzbekistan in the Global Innovation Index in 2020. It should be noted separately that Uzbekistan in this rating took the fourth place in Central Asia and South Asia.

      The Ministry of Innovative Development expresses gratitude to all ministries and departments, as well as official representations of foreign organizations in the country, in particular, the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank and the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on statistics, which worked closely to include Uzbekistan in the Global Innovation Index 2020.